Pizza Dough Mix

Everyone loves pizza, not everyone is a pro pizza maker – yet. Enter Gozney Pizza Dough Mix, an easy and simple way to make next-level pizza dough at home. Crafted from premium ingredients and locally sourced organic-flour from industry leading Central Milling, it’s almost as easy as: add water, mix, and create crowd-pleasing pizza. Developed and tested in the Gozney kitchen to work perfectly with your outdoor pizza oven. With three styles of pizza to choose from, you can make dough and be serving pizza in as little as 2 hours.

This is a new level of just add water dough mix – incredibly easy to make yet also tastes like a pizza straight out of a restaurant-oven. We suggest you start your pizza-making journey here. 

Detroit Dough Mix Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 01

    In large bowl, add packet of dough mix, add in 1 packet yeast (included) (4g) and hand-mix for 30 seconds.

  • Step 02

    Add in 1 3/4 cup (430g) water (room temperature) and hand-mix for 30 seconds.

  • Step 03

    Mix well until dough is smooth (10–12 minutes by hand or 5-8 minutes with mixer on slow speed).

  • Step 04

    Continue mixing, add 2 tablespoons (30ml) warm water.

  • Step 05

    With wet hands, remove dough from mixing bowl. Round and place into well-oiled baking pan.

  • Step 06

    Cover and leave in warm place (75ºF) for 2 hours.

  • Step 07

    Turn the dough 90º in the pan. Dip fingertips in oil and stretch dough to edges of the pan.

  • Step 08

    Re-cover the pan and leave in warm place (75ºF) for 2 hours.

  • Step 09

    Par-bake in Gozney pizza oven 715ºF for 4 minutes total - rotate 180º after 2 min. If cooking in a home oven then cook at 500ºF for 10 minutes.

  • Step 10

    Add toppings of choice.

  • Step 11

    Bake in Gozney pizza oven 600ºF for 2-3 minutes rotating every 30 seconds, or home oven at 500ºF for 5 minutes rotating while cooking. Until edges are golden brown.

  • Step 12


Pizza Dough Mix


The pan-style pizza you love for the airy, thick crust. With this easy-to-make dough, enjoy delicious square-slices baked to perfection with your favorite toppings and crispy edges of caramelized cheese.

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  • Dough Style

    Detroit dough creates a thick, fluffy, pan crust.

  • 12" Pizzas

    Gozney Detroit Pizza Dough Mix 2 x 8x12" or 1 x 14"x10" pan pizza.

  • 4 hour proof

    Create delicious Detroit Pizza Dough in 4 hours for a pan-pizza that will impress your family.

  • Cook Temp

    Detroit pizza dough should be par-baked at 715ºF for 4 minutes and then topped and finish baking at 600ºF for 2-3 minutes in your Gozney pizza oven.

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Dough Essentials

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Where are they made?

Our Dough mixes are products of Utah, USA with locally sourced organic wheat from Central Milling.

When are they launching in other territories? 

We’re hoping to be able to launch in additional territories later this year. 

How many does each bag make? 

Neapolitan Pizza Dough Mix – 4 x 12”/270g Dough Balls 

New York Pizza Dough Mix - 4 x 12”/270g Dough Balls

Detroit Pizza Dough Mix – 2 x 8x10” Pan Pizza/2 x 525g dough ball OR 1 x 14x10” Pan Pizza/1 x 1050 dough ball.

What is the expiration date?

Dough mixes manufactured with a 12 month “best by” date.

How much are they? 

All kits are $13.99 per pack.

Do I need any other equipment to use these? 

Both the Neapolitan and New York dough mixes can be hand mixed or with an electric mixer

For the Detroit mix, for best results, we recommend using an electric mixer. 

Is the dough mix organic?

Whilst use we use organic unbleached wheat flour, the product is not certified organic. 

Is the dough mix vegan?

The dough mixes contain no animal products however we use organic flours and these therefore are not vegan but are plant-based. 

Can I freeze the dough once I’ve prepared it?

Absolutely, we recommend making the dough and balling this up before freezing. You can then de-frost at room temperature. 

What happens if I proof it more than instructed?

Rest assured you can still use the dough, you just may find it harder to stretch.

What is the difference between the mixes?

Each mix is made up from different ingredients to achieve a different style of dough.

Neapolitan – Light, soft, thin crust
New York – Crispy, foldable crust
Detroit – Thick, fluffy pan crust

Are they available via retailers too?

Yes! Our dry mixes will be sold through select retailers upon launch. 

You can find our dealer locator here -

How should the mixes be stored? 

We recommend keeping the dough mixes at room temperature before use. 

My ready mix didn’t raise, what should I do?

To ensure your dough will prove as required, ensure you follow the proofing timings on the packaging. Ensure you proof at room temperature and include the yeast sachet included. Warm water will work best for this. 

When I need more dough, can the different dough mixes be mixed together?

For best results, we would recommend using the mixes individually and not combining them. 

Is there a minimum order for free shipping?

We offer free shipping on on orders over $50.