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Carbonara Detroit style pizza

By Luis Perez

Carbonara Detroit style pizza

Carbonara Detroit style pizza recipe

Taking a classic Italian pasta dish and adding a Detroit twist. This Carbonara Detroit style recipe from Luis Perez is going to take your pizza making to the next level.


 (8”x10”) Ingredient list for the pizza:  


1 300-325g/10-11oz oz Detroit style dough ball  

1 Tbsp oil (canola or olive)  

250-300g/9-10 oz shredded aged mozzarella and mild white cheddar (50/50 blend)  

2 egg yolks (whipped)  

75g/2oz cooked guanciale  

Fresh parsley to garnish  

Cracked black pepper to garnish 

Pecorino romano to garnish  

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Step 1:

Take a Detroit style dough ball that has completed its proof (recipe here), and with generously oiled fingertips, begin to dimple the dough to begin par baking. Par bake at 345°C/650°F in your Dome (turn the flame off and add the Dome door once at temperature) for 4 total minutes rotating 90 degrees every minute.

Step 2:

Once the par bake is complete, allow the dough to rest and cool before topping with the cheese blend. Work the cheese around the perimeter of the pan first and then work towards the middle (this allows for those crispy cheesy edges) then top with the guanciale (cooked).

Step 3:

Place in oven for its final bake. The pizza will need to be baked for around 4 minutes while rotating 90 degrees every minute. Remove the door, turn and for a final 1-2 minutes of its bake, turn the oven flame to high and rotate 90 degrees every 15-30 seconds until the pizza reaches the desired doneness.

Step 4:

Once the pizza has completed its bake, pry the frico away from the pan with a thin spatula, then allow the pizza to rest up to 30-45 seconds to allow the cheesy edges to set prior to removing from the pan.

Step 5:

Remove from pan using a thin metal spatula and set onto a cooling screen. Cut into 4-6 pieces then garnish with a drizzle of egg yolk (when the pizza is still hot), parsley, cracked pepper and grated Pecorino Romano. 

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Luis Perez


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