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Proof Supper Club New York

Proof Supper Club New York

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August 8, 2024 | 6pm


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    7 secret locations around the world + 9 legendary chefs + you

    Last year, we launched our first-ever event series, Secret Supper Club, and with it a new level of culinary experience. Tickets sold out for all 5 stops in less than 2 minutes, and lucky guests had an unforgettable night fueled by live-fire and the thrill of the unexpected.

    This year we turn the volume higher. Introducing Proof Supper Club. Renamed for this year, Gozney’s world-tour will be 7-stops, and each stop promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime evening of secret outdoor locations, legendary chefs creating one-of-a-kind menus, with different surprises planned for every night. New for this year is a format change filled with unforeseen moments, interacting with chefs, the hands-on chance to learn to create pizza and cook with fire, and of course mind-blowing food. Once you have your ticket, the exact location won’t be revealed until days before the event.

    Why are we calling it Proof? We believe in the power of cooking different, and this is our evidence that it’s real. This is Proof.

    For this stop of the tour, we’re flying in not one but two show-stopping culinary insiders from the West Coast; Ellen Marie Bennett, the Latinx designer, best-selling author, acclaimed cook, and founder behind the apron and kitchen gear brand, Hedley & Bennett, and actor, comedian, writer, director, musician, author, passionate foodie, and co-founder of Las Jaras Wines, Eric Wareheim.

    In a perfect pairing, Ellen, a kitchen alumni of two-Michelin-starred restaurant Providence and winemaker Eric Wareheim craft an epicurean-bliss of food and wine, all inspired by the culinary scene of Los Angeles. We can’t wait to bring a little California sunshine to New York.

    Here’s what you need to know
    - This stop of the tour will be in Brooklyn, but you won’t know the exact location until seven days before the event

    - Proof is one big experience made up of layers of unexpected moments, from interacting with the chef to customized goods for you to take home

    - Tickets include: a multi-course dining experience and welcome beverage and wine pairings, an exclusive experience with your host chef, and hands on pizza making in tandem with Gozney Pizza Collective members

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