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Beer Marinated Chicken with Spicy Fennel Salt

What to know?

  • 450 degrees
  • Meat Memorial Day
  • 4

This recipe is super easy (you don’t even need a knife!) and the smell of the spicy fennel salt is in my top 5 favourite smells of all time! Make sure you marinate this for at least 24 hours as the beer’s going to need time to get into the meat.  

Beer Marinated Chicken with Spicy Fennel Salt

Step 1;

Mix together the marinate ingredients and add the chicken pieces. Mix together well and leave to marinate for 24 hours.

Step 2;

To cook, remove the chicken from the marinate, shaking off any excess and pop them in a tray. Cover with foil and cook in Roccbox for 10-15 minutes (the time here will be a little dependent on the size of your thighs but check them after 10 minutes and recover and cook for longer if needed).

Step 3;

When the time is up, remove the foil and return the pan to Roccbox to allow the skin to crisp up beautifully – this will happen quickly so keep an eye on it!

Step 4;

Pop the spicy fennel salt ingredients into a pestle and mortar and grind until coarse.

Step 5;

Sprinkle over the salt and serve with lime wedges.