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How To Make A Stuffed Crust Pizza | Gozney

Learning how to make stuffed crust pizza is probably easier than you think! Here we are going to share a few pointers on pulling the perfect stuffed crust pizza from your pizza oven - and there’s even a step by step video to show you how to make an epic stuffed crust pizza recipe in your Roccbox

We are not sure who invented the stuffed crust pizza recipe. A few could lay claim to it and Georgia (the country, not the state) has a baked dough called a Khachapuri that is stuffed with cheese, eggs and butter that has been made for generations. And it is just as indulgent and delicious as it sounds.

Back in 1995 the global pizza chain, Pizza Hut first got people interested in how to make a stuffed crust pizza when they launched their oozey stuffed crust pizza in the USA. It wasn’t long before the world started waking up to the fact that there probably wasn’t such a thing as ‘too much cheese’ as far as pizza was concerned.

A stuffed crust pizza recipe really is as easy as it sounds - stuff that crust, bake in the pizza oven, consume and enjoy whilst capturing Instagram friendly cheese pulls. Simple. But as with all things pizza it starts with the dough.

You can learn how to make a stuffed crust pizza with any pizza dough but we favor a New York Style Recipe as this dough is more robust when handled and a bit more forgiving when being asked to stretch and fold over cheese to create your dream stuffed crust pizza recipe.

Whatever dough style you choose for your stuffed crust pizza recipe it’s important to bear in mind that you want to make sure the cheese can cook and melt inside throughout the bake so avoid running your pizza oven with Neapolitan style rip roaring flames and high temperatures. For a guide, we aim to bake our stuffed crust pizza recipe at around 715°F for 3-4 minutes.

Whatever cheese you decide to go with the technique for stuffing the crust remains the same. It’s important to open up your dough ball a bit larger than you actually want your pizza to allow excess dough to fold over your cheese and, with that in mind, it can be a good idea to make your dough balls a bit larger than your regular pizza dough balls.

Once you’ve opened your (slightly larger) pizza base and covered the perimeter with your filling choice you need to seal it in by folding the dough over and sealing. You can brush with a little water here to help the dough stick if needed.

Once your cheesy crust cargo is safely sealed within the dough, take a skewer or sharp pointed knife and pierce a few holes around the crust. These holes serve the same purpose as when making a Calzone and will allow steam to escape and make sure your stuffed crust doesn’t inflate in the pizza oven.

Similarly to your dough options, you can use any cheese to stuff in the crust of your stuffed crust pizza. Just mozzarella works great, a blend of cheese or even cheese strings make a great stuffed crust pizza recipe.

Our Gozney stuffed crust recipe uses a variety of cheeses (the beauty being you can use whatever your favorites are or whatever needs using in the fridge) to make a super simple cheese sauce to pipe around the crust before baking. As well as being a great use up of leftover cheese, this technique will give you a gooey cheese sauce crust with a little bit of Pizza Hut style bounce to it still.

You can check our video here to get a better idea of the stuffing technique and how to make a stuffed crust pizza, then it’s just a case of deciding what cheese to try first in your very own stuffed crust pizza recipe and firing up the pizza oven!