Gozney reveal the US’s most popular pizza, by City.

Gozney reveal the US’s most popular pizza, by City.

It’s a well known fact that pizza is one of the most popular food types on the planet, but as any pizza aficionado will tell you, not all pizza is created equal.

Gozney have collated data to reveal the most popular pizza related search terms online and which pizza everyone’s eating the most, in these top states and cities. 

To pizza cities in the US

As expected, and meeting current trends, Neapolitan pizza was the highest searched phrase with New York pizza lagging in second place. Neapolitan pizza is a classic Naples style pizza - that must be cooked in a traditional wood fired oven. By cross referencing Tripadvisor a Yelp data for the top 10 restaurants in the following states, Gozney identified each states and cities favourite pizza pies.

1. New York City, New York

It would be a crime if New York style pizza didn't come in first place here. Designed for eating on the go, this pizza is a fusion of Italy and New York. In second place is the classic Neapolitan and Sicilian varieties. Salivating? Try Gozney’s New York pizza.

2. Chicago, Illinois

A relatively ‘young’ style of pizza, Chicago style pizza takes the crown in Chicago. A deep dish pizza, the crust thins as New York pizza and Neapolitan pizza take second and third place respectively.

3. New Haven, Connecticut

Coal fired and with a thin crust, the New Haven style pizza earns first place here, followed by Neapolitan and Traditional Pan pizza.

4. Orlando, Florida

An eclectic mix of pizza favourites, buttery, Traditional Pan pizza takes the crown in Florida followed by authentic Neapolitan and then Deep Dish pizza.

5. San Francisco, California

Neapolitan pizza scoops the title as most popular in San Francisco, followed by Traditional Pan style pizza, with Sicilian pizza in third, just like mama used to make.

6. Washington DC, Washington

Traditional Pan style pizza wins first place, this pie is cooked in a dish instead of directly on the oven floor, unlike New York pizza, in second place and Neapolitan pizza, third place.

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

Hedonistic Las Vegas lovers appear to chow down on New York style pizza the most, followed by the firm favourite Traditional Pan Style pizza and finishing with Deep Dish pizza in third place.

8. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix nationals like their pizza ovens hot, like their summers. Requiring a scorching 950 ºF of heat, Neapolitan pizza is most popular, followed by Traditional Pan style pizza and then Deep Dish pizza.

9. Boston, Massachusetts

Traditional Pan style pizza, an American classic, is ahead of Naples Neapolitan taking second and thicker crusted Sicilian pizza in third.

10. Atlanta, Georgia

Wide, flat and often served by the slice New York pizza is top in Atlanta, followed by Neapolitan and Sicilian pizza.

11. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit locals put their hands up for thick, rectangular pan pizza, such as the Detroit Style pizza. Keeping up the trend for thick crust, Sicilian and deep dish pizza comes in second and third.

According to reviews, Neapolitan pizza proved to be the most popular in the top 3 styles of pizza across all states, whilst Traditional Pan pizza proved popular through number 1 rankings.

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