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Get ready for your labor day cookout

The big cook out of the summer is right around the corner. That’s right, it’s time to start planning your Labour Day cookout! Whether it’s Pizza or Wings (or both) Gozney Roccbox has got you covered, check out this list of Labour Day cookout ideas.

The annual Labour Day cookout is all about enjoying the last throes of summer before we start digging out the chunky knitwear and everyone’s instagramming their pumpkin spiced lattes… again. But before Autumn takes hold, there’s a Labour Day menu to sort!

We’ve put together some Labour Day cookout ideas whether you’re throwing a pizza party and are looking for some topping inspiration or if you want some juicy baby back ribs charred to perfection in a pizza oven, we got you.

Pizza is ideally suited to a Labour Day menu as it’s so inclusive. Everyone can be involved in making their own pizzas; Uncle Frank can be topping his with all the pepperoni while your cousin Aaron avoids anything healthy and feeds unwanted crusts to the dog - pizza is perfect most of the time but particularly for the Labour Day cookout.

The versatility of having a 950°F portable outdoor oven means you can go way beyond pizza, so we’ve put together a list of non-pizza suggestions for those of you looking for other Labour Day cookout recipes. Whether you’re a seasoned cookout host or planning your very first Labor Day cookout they’ll be something here for you.

Pizza Recipes
Neapolitan Pizza

The original pizza from Naples can be baked in 60 seconds in Roccbox making it ideal for a Labour Day cookout when you’ve got a lot of mouths to feed! This marinara will make you think you’re in Southern Italy and making a batch of the garlic oil will serve you well for any surprise Vegans.

Pineapple & Pancetta Detroit Style Pizza

Love it or hate it Hawaiian pizza is loved by plenty (and quite probably a few of your guests!) and this twist on a classic swaps out the ham for beautifully salty and crispy pancetta meaning it might even convert a few haters.

Thin & Crispy Sourdough Margherita

This dough ferments for 48 hours meaning you can plan your Labour Day cookout menu and prep well ahead of schedule. Often cut ‘Tavern style’ or ‘Party Cut’ this pizza style is brilliantly suited to sharing with friends and family.

Stuffed Crust

If you want something a bit more decadent this stuffed crust pizza might tick the boxes. It can be made with a variety of cheeses meaning you can clear some space in the refrigerator by using up all those leftover bits of cheese and making more room for beer. Double win!

Ragu Calzone

This recipe video is a great guide on how to fold and bake a calzone. The ragu is incredible but you can fill them with anything you want. This mushroom and ricotta is a great vegetarian version but anything goes with calzones and they hold their heat much longer than a pizza.

Meatball Panuzzo

Neapolitan dough that has over proofed and is no good for pizza can be turned into these unbelievably good Italian sandwiches of sorts. They’re so good I’ve made dough specifically to make these a few times (and that is 100% ok to do!). Everyone will be asking how you made the meatballs as well.

Nduja, Blue Cheese & Hot Honey NY Style Pizza

Hot honey and pepperoni is fast becoming a classic combo for pizza fans in the know. This pizza pairs a homemade hot honey with the spicy, fatty and spreadable Calabrian salami Nduja and is probably one of the best pizzas in the world to pair with a cold beer. Did someone say ‘perfect for Labour Day’?

Non-Pizza Recipes
Danger Dogs

A South American street food classic that either gets its name from being spicy (dangerous) or generally made with poor quality meat (super dangerous!) depending on who you believe. These ones can be spicy if you want them to be, but I’d recommend using the best ingredients you can!

Baby Back Ribs

Perfect if you want to prepare for your Labour Day cookout in advance as these delicious ribs are slow cooked in a conventional oven before being charred to perfection under the rolling flame of Roccbox.

Chicken Caesar Salad

At the restaurant where the Caesar salad was invented it was served theatrically at the table! This recipe uses that same idea to make a brilliant shareable salad that’s perfect for a Labour Day cookout. 

Spatchcock Chicken

The unique cooking environment of Roccbox makes this smokey flavour packed bird a sure fire hit every time. Easy and quick to cook and prepare this recipe is great for those hosting their first Roccbox gathering.

Monkfish & Chorizo Kebabs

With only 4 ingredients these kebabs are super simple but jam packed full of flavour and the texture of the monkfish when cooked in Roccbox is something else!


If you’re dead set on grilling your way through your Labour Day cookout then that’s OK (I guess.) These quick and easy flatbreads are perfect to go with whatever you decide to cook as you can change the flavour to suit your Labour Day dish.

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings aren’t just for Superbowl you know! In this recipe we dry the wings out overnight (great for you Labour Day menu planners!) resulting in perfectly crispy wings that will demand a LOT of napkins

Whether you’re planning you first or your 20th Labour Day cookout, doing it with Gozney Roccbox will make sure it’s one to remember. Whether it’s a family feast with beautifully charred meats or a pizza party with the gang, the joy of cooking outside with people you love is the perfect way to end the summer.

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