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Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Remember cooking your first Roccbox pizza? The comforting smell of the baking dough hitting you as soon you launched the pizza into the oven, the awe as you watched your crust rise and puff close to the rolling flame?

Then remember it coming out the oven? Steam cascading off as the smell of perfectly cooked tomatoes and melted cheese filled the air around you?

And the first bite! When you poked your chin out to catch any melted cheese or rogue sauce knowing you don’t care how you look right now you just want to shove this glorious thing into your mouth immediately!!!!!

Remember all of that? Wouldn't it be great if you could bottle that feeling of intense pizza joy as a christmas gift this year? Well, to my knowledge, you can’t. But you can give a Roccbox (which is probably better really) and the gift of pizza 365 days a year.

But it’s not just pizza. Roccbox is designed with Neapolitan pizza in mind but excels at producing perfectly cooked crunchy vegetables, seared pink steaks, beautifully crisp fish skin, and much, much more.

And whilst it’s important to find the perfect gift for your favourite foodie, here are some things you might want under your tree this Christmas. The perfect hints for loved ones who don’t know what to get you this year.

Roccbox Turning Peel

The short turning peel is a big step on the road from dough newbie to pizza pro and is designed specifically for use with Roccbox. The short handle means it’s easy to be close enough to the action to check the base or lift the pizza off the deck for a few vital seconds during baking as well as being the perfect size to be just as portable as Roccbox.

The turning peel also means you can keep the pizza in the oven during baking which results in a brilliant even bake every time and is a big advantage for slower bakes such as this *stuffed crust pizza* (which is also the BEST way to use up that chrimbo cheese!)

Roccbox Wood Burner 2.0

2020 wasn’t all bad you know - we did release our wood burner 2.0! Larger, faster and more efficient than its predecessor the Roccbox wood burner 2.0 is a true powerhouse that’s simple to attach and easy to use and offers the choice to switch between the convenience of gas and the tradition of wood-fired cooking.

Creating a big wood fired rolling flame and cooking is a real sensory experience - and perfect for recipes that will benefit from a little smokey wood fired flavours (I’m looking at you pigs in blankets). If you’re looking to master the art of wood fired cooking, you definitely want to find this under your tree this Christmas. Very limited stock for Christmas delivery - check product page for latest shipping timings.

Roccbox Cover

The Roccbox cover will protect your best mate from the elements and keep him looking super fresh all year round! Although not essential (Roccbox is built like a tank and can survive a lot) this high quality cover comes with a handy carry strap making it easy to take Roccbox anywhere (and you’ll want to take him everywhere in his posh new coat!)

Gozney Wood

It’s important to treat your fuel like an ingredient and select it with just as much care! We’ve taken the googling and forum searching out of the equation for you with our Gozney Wood. This hardwood has been kiln dried for unbeatable heat and efficiency to make wood fired cooking simple.

Carefully sourced, tested and cut to the ideal size to work seamlessly with all Gozney products including the Wood Burner 2.0, this is the perfect fuel for big wood-fired flavours.

Gozney Gift Card

If you’re not sure what to get that pizza lover in your life then Gozney gift cards are a great idea. Available in various amounts these are far easier to fit into a stocking than Roccbox!

From all of team Gozney, we hope you enjoy the festive period, and plenty of pizza!


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