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Create your own built in pizza oven from $2,450

  • Description

    UK only. Coming soon to North America.

    Create your own bespoke pizza oven with a Gozney Core. Combining ancient practise with modern precision the Core delivers the same exceptional Gozney cooking experience, yet letting you decide on the oven aesthetics.

    Delivered as a kit of parts, it is easy to assemble and makes a fun home project. Choose from 4 different sizes to suit your outdoor space.

Product info

A Gozney oven at the heart of your cooking

Be inspired to cook like a professional chef with a Core. Designed to fit inside any oven enclosure, create the look and feel you want for your outdoor kitchen area. Expertly cast and thermally resistant the Core achieves 500°C like no other oven. 

Pioneering reverse moulding techniques create a smooth internal finish making cooking simple and reliable. With unbeatable heat retention and unrivalled temperature control, the Core gives you the capabilities to cook a diverse range of dishes, perfect for any dining occasion.

With Gozney Rapid Install™ each segment of the Core can be carried through a doorway for easy home or garden access. Assemble within hours upon your pre-assembled base and finish with your own enclosure.

Product Specification
12" pizza capacity
3 x 12" pizzas
Internal Dimensions (mm)
W750 x D750 x H350
Fuel options
Wood, Gas or Combo
Gas Options
LPG or natural gas

Gozney Warranty

Gozney ovens are durable and made using professional grade materials designed to withstand demanding conditions. 

However, as additional reassurance we provide a warranty of three years from the date of the original purchase. This includes any replacement products supplied by us.

During the warranty period we warrant that your oven will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If this warranty is not met, faulty components will be repaired or replaced unless the component cannot be accessed externally, in which case we will replace the whole unit.  The warranty is subject to certain exceptions – see full terms and conditions below.


Key features

Cook restaurant quality food at home